Paris Pavilion

immagfine paris1
The project idea is focused on PEACE. PEACE between peoples is realized when we see and feel beautiful things tacking place around us. Acrobatic sports are very relaxing and exciting to see, and capturing us with their images, they make us forget all the problems and difficulties of our life. A light pavilion, suspended in the air, made of semi-gloss fabric, that looks like the trees of the avenues of Champ de Marts; inside many sport like Thai Chi Chuan, Yoga, Acrobatic, Meditation, Juggling, Music, Ballets and many others…The pavilion is approssimatively ten mt wide and fifty mt long, the total height consist in six mt and the cloth that covers the structure is on one mt from the ground.

immagfine paris5

The structure consist of trusses which rest on two elements in reinforced concrete, one of this is the Bookshop/Cinema and the other is Infopoint/Vegan-Snack Bar. The cloth that covers the pavilion in the NE side, it works like a PC screen and in this way, people can write word of peace on the cloth using their smarthphones. PEACE is a goal to reach all togheter: men and animals.

immagfine paris2immagfine paris3

For this reason, the pavilion has no doors windows or floors and everyone can freely enter and sit on the grass to be in contact with the earth and the nature, maybe also eating foods cruelty-free.

immagfine paris6


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